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Hello my name is Glenn Arthur Kaufmann. I am a professional Astrologer living in beautiful Mount Shasta, California. For almost forty years, I have been reading Astrology charts, lecturing and teaching Astrology classes.

If you find yourself drawn to the magical slopes of Mount Shasta, you may be one of the many who journey to this sacred vortex seeking self-knowledge and direction in your life’s path.

I understand this quest, having spent countless hours, myself, walking the mountain in contemplation and prayer, looking to the heavens in awe, and asking from my heart for guidance that I may be a worthy translator and educator of Astrological knowledge to those that end up at my door.

The gift to oneself of an Astrology reading can be a significant catalyst in the quest for self-knowledge, giving crucial guidance in navigating life’s journey.

If you’ve never had an Astrology reading before and would like to know more about how an Astrology reading can help you or relate to your current life situation, please call me or stop by my studio. I’d love to meet and talk with you. I’m right in Mount Shasta City at:

620 South Mount Shasta Blvd.

(530) 859-1294


My Introduction to Astrology

I first learned of Astrology in college as a student of psychology and music. At age twenty-one, I took an eight-week Astrology course which changed my life forever. The knowledge and understanding that I learned over those next few months was so natural, and so familiar to me, that by the end of the eight weeks I was helping to teach the class. Almost overnight I learned that I could see a person’s future in their charts. Thus began my lifelong quest to unlock the knowledge and hidden wisdom of the art and science of Astrology. Since that time I have studied the teachings available from many of the world’s best Astrologers.

The Music of the Spheres

Let me use a musical analogy to explain to you why I am so passionate about Astrology and why this quest has kept me in awe ever since I began it almost forty years ago. We are all song writers and composers on this planet. Our lives are like musical masterpieces which we write and perform on the stages of this world. Some lives are like ballads; intimate love songs performed with the help of just a few of life’s other “musicians.” Others are grand symphonies and concerts, involving the help of hundreds, or even thousands of people, and repeatedly sung by millions more.  As the lead performer (and co-writer) of our life’s composition, we can choose to massacre or master its presentation.  We can learn our instrument well and challenge ourselves to perfection and artistic majesty.  Or, we can choose half-heartedly to repeat simple portions of our life’s composition, like someone who can only remember two lines from a great song, obsessively repeating it over and over again. It’s all up to us.


“Nature’s rhythm brings us closer…

Perhaps the design of a Divine Composer.”


It Is Written In The Stars

An accomplished saxophone player and singer in my youth, I have become even more so – a “musician of the soul.” I have been given the ability to “read” these compositions of life and I have trained myself for over thirty-nine years now on how to translate these soul maps, or Astrology charts, into words. Words that can be heard and understood… if you so choose! I can help you overcome your “stage fright” and fully read your life’s score with all of it’s lyrics and many harmonies. And I can teach you how to perfect your delivery and become a master of your own melody, so that you can live life with a little more ease, more abandon, more fulfillment. Let me show you what you have written.


What people are saying:

“Thank you Glenn for changing my life, literally over night! You showed me how to take back control of my life and enjoy it in the process.”
D. W. – Yreka, CA

“Glenn never ceases to amaze me with his accurate interpretation of affairs, both celestial and political.”
Robert Cole – the late nationally known Astrologer, author, columnist, lecturer

“My Astrology session with Glenn was life transforming. He so gently laid the blueprint of my being before me. I felt I was shown the pallet of my life, and was finally learning how to paint on the canvas. Glenn is immensely talented. I will use my taped session for years to come.”
N.P. – client, Mount Shasta, CA

“The observations you make and the power of the words you choose are thoughtful and reflect a genuine respect for your art. It is clear that your heart and soul are both on this journey.”
S.A.- client, San Jose, CA