Our lives are like musical masterpieces, first written, then performed on the stage of this world.  Some lives are like ballads and intimate love songs, performed with the help of just a few of life’s other “musicians”.  Others are grand symphonies and concerts, involving the help of hundreds, or even thousands, of people  and repeatedly sung by millions more.  We, as the lead performer (and co-writer) of our life’s composition, can choose to massacre, or master, its presentation.  We can learn our instrument well and push ourselves to perfection and artistic majesty.  Or, we can choose half-heartedly to repeat simple portions of our life’s composition, like someone who can only remember two lines from a great song, obsessively repeating it over and over again.

A student of psychology and music in my college days, at age twenty-one astrological thought became a natural progression in my quest, unlocking knowledge that has kept me in awe ever since. [They don’t call it the Music of the Spheres for nothing.] An accomplished saxophone player and singer, I have become even more so a “musician of the soul”. I have been given the ability to “read” these compositions of life and I have trained myself for over thirty eight years now on how to translate these soul maps into words. Words that can be heard and understood. IF… you so choose! I can help you overcome your “stage fright” and fully read your life’s score with all of it’s lyrics and harmonies. And I can teach you how to perfect your delivery. A master of your own melody, so to speak.