Humanity is currently about thirty years through a forty year window of time that is inciting and speeding up the transition from one age to another. In this case from Pisces and the physics and realities of the water element, to Aquarius, and the physics and realities of Aether. Too few people understand what is happening here. What is at stake. Right now. Right here. These last thirty years in our history and the history to be made throughout this next decade.
In 1978, at the age of 21, I learned that I could see a person’s future, in their astrology chart. And for 38 years now, I have envisioned, and then watched, the future as it unfolded around my family and friends, students and clients, and the world at large. And I am still humbled, and in awe, when I look through the lenses of Astrology.
Yet, I have to say. Whether it’s the Mayan end of the age, or the dawning of an Aquarian new age, or any of another dozen or so major end time/beginning time religious and cultural prophesies that are happening now, you have to have your head under a rock to not see that most of humanity is missing the boat here! We’ve already had thirty years of immense opportunity, yet more people, than in any time in recorded history, are unable to even think of anything but the present, let alone do anything about the future. Multitudes are caught in the web of the moment, constantly repeating old patterns and perceptions.
And it’s not just our future, or our children’s future that is to be affected here. Were talking over two thousand years, at the bare minimum. Forget the occupy movement and the ninety-nine percent. We need to think even bigger, the ninety-nine generations movement. Occupy Aquarius, if you will.
The Aquarian age was foreshadowed in the 60’s, began burning brightly in the 80’s, and into the mid 20’s of this twenty first century will become the foundations and bedrock for the coming millennia. The innovations, ideas, and implications, of our last three decades, and the next one that is still to come, must be protected, nourished and shepherded by every conscious person out there. What we do now, what we create and destroy these next ten years (and what we choose to shepherd and support from the last thirty), will have more of an impact on the following ninety-nine generations, than in any other time in the last two thousand years!
Too few are there, who will plant the seeds of opportunity and humanity for this next age of mankind. Let me rephrase that. Too few are there who are consciously choosing what seeds they plant. I implore you to think about your future and all of humanities future and understand what we can accomplish these next few years. It is the most important thing we can do this lifetime. We must all act now to influence our future. To “seed” the world around us with attitudes, acts, and ideas, that will come to multiply beyond belief once the window begins to close around 2023. I call all of us who are alive (or being born) at this time, the Johnny Appleseeds of the Aquarian age. The actions and attitudes that we impart now are going to have many, many more repercussions and consequences than we can have ever imagined. Talk about bearing fruit.
In closing. Think of yourself as fertilizer or compost. Cosmic compost. Everything you touch or come near these next few years is going to have a growth spurt, or die and decay very quickly. What is it you most want to grow? What kind of legacy do you wish for? What is it that needs to be dragged out of your cosmic closet and addressed and healed and left behind? Remember Johnny Appleseed traveled lite.
Rise above the fray my friends. And welcome to the Aquarian age!

Occupy The Aquarian Age
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