In 2018 we will see Mars in retrograde motion in the sign of (mostly) Aquarius, for about two months in July and August. Venus will retrograde in (mostly) Scorpio for about six weeks in early October to mid- November, and Mercury retrogrades three different times for about three weeks each time, this year mostly in fire signs.

The significance of retrograde motion.

Retrograde, or “seemingly” backward motion, is an integral part of any complete planetary cycle. A cycle in this case being defined as the amount of time it takes for a planet to traverse one complete circuit around our Sun. Long story short, retrograde motion of a planet, can only happen, during the period of it’s travels around our Sun wherein it also comes closest to us on Planet Earth. Location. Location. Location. As above, so below. Proximity matters.  Gravity happens.  And so does frequency, or in the case of planets, periodicity. In any planetary cycle, the retrograde period is when that planet has its most powerful effect and influence on our planet.

The other significance of retrograde motion, is that the retrograde planet, will be seen to occupy a section of the sky (read Zodiac), for a much greater length of time than other areas of the sky (read astrological signs). This emphasis in sign can, as in some Mars cycles, last for up to six months in length.  Six months…out of a typical twenty-four-month Mars cycle moving through all twelve signs of the Zodiac.  This means that there is only about eighteen to twenty months left for Mars to move through the other eleven signs. One sign gets Mars for anywhere from three to six months, the other eleven signs get Mars for maybe six to eight weeks. In effect, the sign wherein a planet stations and retrogrades, during any one year, increases the importance and power of that sign dramatically, for that year. In the case of a Mars cycle, this is a two hundred to four hundred percent increase.  For Venus and Mercury, the percentage is a lot less, but you get my point. In the case of planetary systems, retrograde proximity increases the strength of the planets, and signs involved, and pin-points when they will be strongest. The qualities of the signs involved in the retrograde tell us what characteristics and attitudes will be emphasized.

Now in 2018, Mars is retrograde from 9 degrees of Aquarius back into the last few degrees of Capricorn, from June 26th to August 27th. It will move across the area of 28 degrees Capricorn to 9 degrees Aquarius three times. First in forward motion, secondly in retrograde motion, then thirdly in forward, or Direct, motion once again.  I call it “scouring” like when you rub a Brillo pad across a pan or sand a piece of wood. Both of which brings out the natural beauty inherent in the object.

Those who are born with the Sun at 28 Cap to 9 Aquarius will most likely feel it the strongest. These are those folks who are born January 16th to January 29th in any year. This will be the best time in 18, almost 19 years, to kick yourself in the ass and get moving with your life. If you’ve been going down the wrong path, this year is the time to take “corrective” measures. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your work or family, or even governmental or social programs.  They can make all the difference in whether you are able to take off in the right direction or just sit there spinning your wheels in frustration.

Others who will be challenged by this years Mars retrograde will be those who are born April 16 to 29, July 16 to 29 and October 16 to 29, of any year. Those that are likely to make the most progress, whether they try or not, are those born the last two weeks of May and September, and those that will make much progress if they do try and put some effort into it are those born the last two weeks of March and November. You June and August babies, especially the last two weeks of each month, you guys and gals may want to get a little professional help in focusing your energies. Time to dig those repressions and stuck areas of your life out of the closet and dust them off. Do you still want to keep ‘em?

Important times to look at in any Mars cycle is the three times Mars will traverse the affected area of the Zodiac and the two time during the cycle wherein the Sun, Earth and Mars line up.  This time around, one takes place in the middle of the retrograde period on July26th when the Earth moves in between Mars and the Sun and the other is when The Earth moves behind the Sun in relation to Mars, which is not until September of 2019. The former is when the seeds of action are “germinated”, the latter when they bear their fruit.

The three “steps” to a retrograde usually play out in at first taking too big a step to begin with or biting off more than you can chew, secondly realizing you took on too much and adjust your plans and efforts, and thirdly you fine tune your efforts for maximum efficiency and effect and kick it into high gear. This year Step one is from May 10th to June 26th, step two is June 27th to Aug 27th, and step three is August 28th to October 9th. Those things that you activate this summer during the Mars retrograde period and kick into gear this September will come to fruition next September. Keep this in mind as you plan.

On the world scene this Mars retrograde will see the reorganization, and in many cases the death, of many social and governmental programs. Businesses may try to ram new contracts and amendments through before you can react, so be ready to take ‘em to task quickly if you want to prevail. Keep an eye on the lobbyists, lawyers and palm greasers now. They will be working overtime.  Especially when it comes to controlling the pipes of communication and information access. Wouldn’t surprise me if President Trump tries to create some sort of WPA type, or Nationalized “Peace” Corp., program. This I could live with. If he goes the route of a peace time draft, I’m gonna get pissed. Keep up with the major moves that take place in cloud based interconnectivity and go for as many sources as possible for your information. Hackers get breathtakingly daring so careful how you connect and what they can access.  Volunteerism will be up as well as eco and animal rights activism. Foster kids benefit under this particular retrograde, adoptions will be through the roof. We will see a flurry of new social media platforms. If they make it to September 2019 without overextending themselves, or crashing under negative publicity, they may be around for awhile and worth investing in. I have noticed also that Mars retrogrades bring on a sort of mass hysteria and can really make waves in the stock markets, large gatherings and socio-political group dynamics.

The Venus and Mercury retrogrades for 2018 will be next. Bye for now….

2018 Forecast – Part II – Retrograde Motion and Mars Retrograde