Venus turns retrograde approximately every 19 months, for about six weeks at a time, as seen from the Earth. The retrograde period for Venus in 2018 is from October 5th through November 16th. The previous retrograde was in March and April of 2017. There will be no Venus retrograde in 2019. The next one after this year will be in May and June of 2020.  Now Venus only takes about 7 ½ months to go completely around the Sun, as seen from the Sun, which is an important distinction. Most Astrologers calculate charts from a position as seen from the Earth. Remember what I said about retrograde motion, it can only happen when the retrograde planet and the Earth are as close as possible in their orbits to each other. Since both the Earth and Venus are moving around the Sun, 365 days for the Earth and 225 days for Venus, it takes longer than either of the two cycles involved for the two planets to get close. For Venus and the Earth, it is approximately every 19 months. In the case of Mercury, which takes just under three months to orbit around the Sun on its own, the Mercury retrograde periods happen about once every 3 ½ to 4 months. (Note: Planets that take longer than 365 days to revolve around the Sun have different dynamics.  This lesson only involves Mercury and Venus.)

On average we see about three Mercury retrograde periods in a year, each lasting around three weeks at a time. Venus is retrograde only about 7% of the time whereas Mercury can be retrograde up to 20% of the time. This means that we will find Mercury retrograde in a person’s chart about three times more often than Venus retrograde. Approximately one out of every five people will have Mercury retrograde in their chart compared to only one out of every 14 people with Venus retrograde. I have noticed that when a person has a planet retrograde in their natal chart, and that planet then goes retrograde in current time, there is a feeling of familiarity that takes place. I call it “going home”. In the case of Venus, the affected person is reminded of their past loves and longings.  Emotions of love and hate resurface. With Mercury, the person often relives past deeds and actions and the rationalizations for those deeds. These retrograde periods are excellent times to integrate, or purge, the past thereby leaving the person more freedom to continue forward in their lives. Retrogrades do affect all persons whether they have the planets involved retrograde or direct in their natal charts. The effects are just more heightened for those who have retrogrades natally.  A rule of thumb I have for interpreting retrogrades are to put the prefix Re in front of a word and this is what you are to do. Rethink. Reevaluate. Relive. Remember, and so on. The planet that is retrograde, and where it is retrograde in the sky (read where in your natal chart), will tell you the who, what and why.

Venus will be retrograde in 2018 at 11 degrees of Scorpio back to 25 degrees of Libra. As with any retrograde cycle the important times are the three times the planet goes over this area of the Zodiac and the two times when the retrograde planet, the Earth, and the Sun align. For the two planets within the orbit of the Earth, these two times are called Inferior conjunctions to the Sun and Superior conjunctions to the Sun, the former always taking place during the retrograde period when the planet is in between the Earth and the Sun, the later when the Sun comes in between the two. This year the three periods of time that represent the three passes of Venus through late Libra and early Scorpio are. September 2nd through October 4th, October 5th through November 16th and November 17th through December 17th. The Inferior conjunction of the Sun and Venus will be October 26th and the Superior conjunction of the Sun and Venus will be mid-August 2019. So roughly speaking, this Fall will see many folks resurrecting past issues of love and attraction. What are your priorities now? What wants and desires will you be reliving? Which ones need to be purged and which ones need to be made higher on your priority list. Be careful that you stay conscious of these feelings for a retrograde Venus in Scorpio is a classic symptom for self-sabotage. The grass wasn’t always greener in the past. Right now you just think it was. If there is something missing in your love life this Fall it is up to you to figure out what that need is. No one else is going to do it for you. And give it time. The outcome of this year’s Venus retrograde cycle is not until August of 2019. If you do start a new, or old, relationship this Fall, give yourself until the following summer before you make it permanent. Those most affected by this years Venus retrograde will be those born the last two weeks of October of any year. Others who will have some major challenges in the department of wants and desires will be those born the last two weeks of January, April or July. The folks that will have the best time with their repriorization of their wants and wishes will be those born the last two weeks of February or June. Those that will have to take a few risks and step up to the plate to get where they want to be will be those born the last two weeks of August or December. The ones that will probably need the help of a counselor or therapist will be those born the last two weeks of March or May.

On the world scene, we are going to see the exoneration of some of those taken down by the current Me Too movement. Motivations of jealousy and revenge will be uncovered as well as greed. There will be some big-time run-ups in the Stock market, especially precious metals and luxury items. Seduction and passion, love affairs and secret liaisons, are the go to words here. Justices of the peace and wedding chapels will be extremely busy. On the flip side so will divorce attorneys and marriage counselors… and Astrologers by the way. Lots of money mergers and business dealings wherein the goal is about making money and gaining power rather than more spiritually progressive results. If someone from your past comes to you looking for money or help and you choose to indulge them, I would be very careful in doing so. Make sure you are clear why you are doing so. Better that it be to wrap up some old karma than to make “a killing” as the phrase goes. Venus in Scorpio is hard to handle for those who have it in their charts. It often leads to extremes, the saint or the sinner. Many attempt to dull their passions through sex, seduction and greed, while there are those lucky few who can take the lessons of Scorpio, relinquishing the attachments to objects of the senses, and ride purity and self-control to unimaginable heights.  A quote by Oscar Wilde says it all.  “Yet each man kills the things he loves, By each let this be heard, Some do it with a bitter look, some with a flattering word, The coward does it with a kiss, The brave man with a sword.” Pick up the sword of discrimination this Fall and cut through the crap. You’ll be glad you did come the summer of 2019.

Mercury’s retrogrades for 2018 in Part IV. Bye for now…

2018 Forecast – Part III – Venus and Venus Retrograde