By definition the Winter Solstice takes place the moment the Sun enters the astrological sign of Capricorn, which this year takes place Thursday December 21st at 8:29 PST. An Astrology chart erected for this time and place will indicate what is to be “born” out of the darkness and into the light over this next Solar Year. This year there is quite a phenomenal event taking place. Saturn, a planet that takes almost thirty years to complete one trip around the Zodiac, will be entering Capricorn at the same time the Sun does. Think on this a minute. At the exact moment of the Winter Solstice the Sun is at 0 Degrees of Capricorn 0 minutes and Saturn will be at 0 Degrees of Capricorn 11 minutes. The chances of both planets being within a quarter of a degree of each other at the time of ANY Winter Solstice shakes out to something along the order of approximately once every 1,800 years. That alone should key us in to the idea that something big is happening here. The cosmos is screaming at us to pay attention here. So, let’s break this down a bit. What is it that is being birthed here this time around.
Almost everyone knows that Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn. It thrives when in this sign, as it will do now, until it leaves Capricorn in December of 2020. This is the best place for Saturn to be at any time during it’s almost 30 -year cycle. It will play a major role in the world these next 3 years as it did the last few times it was there (Jan 59’ to Jan 62’ and again Nov 88’ to Jan 91’). A quick look at some of the major events of these last few times reveals a few interesting facts. For example, in one period the Berlin Wall was put up and in the next it was taken down. In one period we entered Viet Nam in the next we entered Iraq. In one, South Africa becomes an independent Republic and in the next Nelson Mandela is elected. In one we have the Cuban missile crisis and in the other we have the first non-proliferation agreement. And on and on it goes. Events that were initiated at the beginning of one cycle reach a culmination and karmic “balance” by the time the next one begins. Keywords for Saturn and Capricorn are things like Government bodies, Borders and boundaries, War and peace, Big Business and Big Brother, just to mention a few.
If we take this idea and project it into these next few years I think we can expect to see the karmic conditions come about from the issues that triggered the last time around. For example, last time we saw the first web page so these next 2 years are going to see the “balancing” out of issues surrounding the world wide web and all it’s big brother like issues and concerns. (Interestingly enough, as I was writing this article I received an e-mail alert that the FCC had struck down the idea of Net neutrality). We also saw last time around the first usage of GPS devices in Auto’s and this time look at how we are going to have to deal with autonomous cars and the whole morass of accountability and liability. The last cycle made us aware of Ozone holes in the atmosphere. This time it’s going to be the validation and necessity to react to what those holes have created and what caused them in the first place. Last time The Dalai Lama and Michael Gorbachov won Nobel Peace Prizes. This time, I suspect neither of their homelands will have much peace. Last time Japan’s Emperor Hirohito died leading to pro-democratic demonstrations in the country even spreading to China’s infamous Tianamen Square. This time around I hope those Democratic seeds bear bigger and better fruit. Last time around we saw the beginning of the fight to repeal corporate personage. This time it could be the fulfillment of that fight. (I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one. It may take Pluto in Capricorn’s help
which could push it out to 2023/24’.) Either way there is one thing I can say without hesitation here. This time around we have what I would call a Super Solstice. It is not just a 1-year Solar cycle or even a 30-year Saturn cycle we are instigating here. It is waaayyyy longer than that. What is it you want to bring out of the dark and into the light? What is it that you are willing to go to bat for as this next Super Saturn cycle begins? What do you want to see happen or blossom the next 60 or so times Saturn gets back around to Capricorn beginning the first time in 2048 and 49’? Don’t just do it for yourself. Do it for your kids and grandkids and their grandkids on down the line. They are going to be the one’s who will have to deal with what we do now. Just sayin’…

Observations on the 2017 Winter Solstice Chart Mount Shasta, CA