“Glenn is terrific at sharing wisdom and is spot on with his predictions.”

L.M., client, Palo Alto, CA

`Your interpretation of my chart was impressive. It blew me away.”

D.M., client, San Francisco, CA

“Thank you for a most enlightening time. It was the best two hours I have spent in many a moon.”

D.C., client, San Francisco, CA

“The observations you make and the power of the words you choose are thoughtful and reflect a genuine respect for your art. It is clear that your heart and soul are both on this journey.”

S.A.- client, San Jose, CA

“I go to sleep listening to a different portion of my reading each night. It’s wonderful.”

D.E. – client, Novato, CA

“My Astrology session with Glenn was life transforming. He so gently laid the blueprint of my being before me. I felt I was shown the pallet of my life, and was finally learning how to paint on the canvas. Glenn is immensely talented. I will use my taped session for years to come.”

N.P. – client, Mount Shasta, CA

“Thank you Glenn for changing my life, literally over night! You showed me how to take back control of my life and enjoy it in the process.”

D. W. – Yreka, CA

“Marvelous style. Great wit. Charming voice. I enjoyed it very much.”

O.R. – client, Mill Valley, CA

“I have never known an Astrologer who can predict as well as you can.”

P.E. – client San Francisco

” I was struck by your presentation and remain impressed by your insights.”

N.H., client, Sonoma, CA

“Glenn never ceases to amaze me with his accurate interpretation of affairs, both celestial and political.”

Robert Cole – the late nationally known Astrologer, author, columnist, lecturer

“Excellent! Excellent forecast. Terrific.”

Michael Lutin – internationally known Astrologer, author. columnist, lecturer

“As far as Astrology is concerned, Glenn Arthur Kaufmann is a light in a desert of ignorance.”

Harry Wilkinson – Astrology book publisher